The Best Video Editors for iPhone

Video editing has migrated from the professional industry to ordinary users for several years now. Everyone who maintains social networks like Instagram or Tick-Tock has, at least once, been confronted with editing video clips. Special apps help us do this. We have selected for you the best video editors from the best, so that editing will never be a problem for you. Taking beautiful Instagram posts or uploading videos to TicTok on the way home? Easy! Shoot a video and start editing on the road, then finish at home on your computer? Easy!

Editing on your iPhone is not as difficult as it sounds.

Video editing is becoming a skill that even the average user needs to know. Apple understands this and has created two applications of its own: iMovie and Clips. While almost everyone has faintly heard of iMovie, I think Clips is one of the most underrated native iPhone apps. But first things first.

1 iMovie – simple and professional.
2 The best editor for Instagram storis
3 Photo and video editor in one app – Inshot
4 Professional video editor Adobe Premier Rush
5 Extremely simple, yet powerful Quick

iMovie – simple and professional

Affordable, intuitive video editor from Apple. Suitable for both first-time users who want to try their hand at blogging, and for true video gurus. A huge advantage is the cross-platform nature of the application. iMovie is available on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. A huge number of templates, project scripts, transitions, and titles. Excellent work with sound: the ability to impose their audio tracks, a huge number of sound effects, voice acting. If you use it well, it is enough to edit an entire film.

iMovie – native video editor for Apple devices.

The best editor for Instagram posts

The Clips app is Apple’s own development aimed at the average user. It has all the tools you need to create simple social media clips. The app is extremely easy to use, where you can apply music or filters, add animated titles, stickers or text. Unlike its big brother, Clips was originally created for mobile devices, so all its functionality is aimed at allowing you to edit your videos “in the moment”. Clips also has some unique features. For example, Live Titles. You can use them to recognize the voice in the video and the words on the screen appear live. Handy for Instagram posts. No matter how you look at it, users are more likely to watch stories without sound. If your editing requirements are limited to social media, feel free to use Clips.

If you only want to edit videos for social media, go for Clips.

Photo and video editor in one app – Inshot

Inshot has been capturing users’ attention for years. Everyone has heard about it. The program allows you to perform basic editing functions – to impose text, filters, music, make collages. Inshot is also available on other platforms and is a universal application for video editing. The features include a built-in full-featured photo editor. Uploading videos is only available in FullHD format, which is a bit frustrating. Access to the 4K format, disabling ads and watermark are only available in the paid version.

Inshot is the most versatile editor in the App Store.


Adobe Premier Rush Professional Video Editor

If you’re downloading a video editor with a plan for a professional future, I recommend that you try the Adobe Premier Rush program. This application is a simplified version of Adobe Premier Pro and has a similar but much simplified interface. Despite this, I think that the mobile version of the famous Adobe can be fully called a professional tool. But not so long ago, Adobe announced that it intends to remove some editors from the App Store. We hope that Premier Rush will not be affected.

The program can work with four video and three audio tracks in one project, has cloud storage, so you can finalize the video in the computer version, there is a huge number of editing options, the possibility of color correction and audio cleaning. If you are creating content for YouTube or other serious sites, I strongly recommend that you pay attention to audio correction. In today’s world, almost all smartphones have learned how to make quality video, but what about audio. Detailed manual editing is required here.

Rush is great in conjunction with a Windows computer.


The ultimate simple, yet powerful Quick

The program was originally developed for GoPro cameras, but was very successful and quickly dispersed online. The program will simply amaze you with its functionality. Just what the doctor ordered. Huge selection of effects, layers, overlay music tracks. Supports almost all popular video formats, perfectly implemented cross-platform. If you’ve been thinking about starting to shoot with a GoPro, this app is a godsend for you. As for the choice of camera, I recommend referring to the article by my colleague Artem – a true fan of this business. The finished videos in the editor can be immediately exported to social networks. The app completely lives up to its name and is perfect for beginners. In addition, the program is completely free.


Do you edit videos? What video editors do you use?