How to Find Out a Person’s Location by Phone Number Without His Consent

How to find out a person’s location by phone number without his consent

Very often there is a need for mobile subscribers to find out the location of the person by phone number without his consent. Especially often it is needed when a person is lost and does not answer calls and messages. To act in such cases it is necessary to act very quickly.


In fact, not all cellular subscribers have ways to find out a person’s location by phone number without his consent. Usually, mobile operators specifically impose this restriction to stop illegal surveillance of a civilian. It implies that a person who receives a request for his location must send a reply SMS with the word “yes”, otherwise the service will be denied. However, it is possible to completely legally bypass this restriction.

Megafon provides the most opportunities to determine a person’s location without their consent. But here too, there are restrictions: first, you must use the “Locator” service according to all the rules. Execute command 148number # or use number 0888 (cost of service activation – 5 rubles). The desired subscriber has to reply with consent to your request. As soon as it happens, you can proceed to the next stage.

Add the person who agreed to location determination to your subscriber list for the service “Locator”. To do this, send an SMS with the number of the subscriber (through +7), the number 1400. Now you can find out the location of the person by his phone number without his consent, simply by making a request using the already known to you command 148number #. Do this procedure with all your close relatives and friends, so you can find them immediately in case of emergency.



Location by phone

MegaFon subscribers can use another method of location without consent. This is the “Beacon” service, which operates on children’s tariffs (“Ring-Ding”, “Smeshariki”, etc.). Dial on your cell phone the command *141 # and add the child’s cell phone number. You will be able to find out his location without consent at any time.


Another way to find out a person’s location by phone number without their consent is to install a transponder program on their mobile device, which will mark their coordinates on a map using GPS and transmit to your smartphone. You can find and download such applications on the Internet through the smartphone functionality. Discuss in advance with relatives and others the need to install such an application on their cell phones to avoid any misunderstandings.