How to Create a Route Online in Google Maps

Google Maps is a popular service that allows you to get information about the state of the roads anywhere in the world.

With its help and geolocation apps help, it is possible to navigate while in public or private transport, as well as while traveling on foot. But to do this, you need to know how to create a route in Google Maps.


Route in Google Maps

Maps is presented in the form of a special website, like other digital products from Google. They are also available as special applications on iOS and Android phones. This service has its own features, so in most cases it is used on tablets and smartphones. It is much more convenient to use maps through a browser. This approach allows you to get more accurate results. In addition, the version available on the PC provides more opportunities, including during the construction of the route. It is necessary to study both variants of the construction of the route, as there is a correlation between them. To use Google maps and make an intermediate plan of movement for free, you can go to any browser. Any type of operating system will be suitable.

They can be OSs:
Mac OS;

To build a route via Google Maps, you need to go to the official website of the service. Once on the main page of the Google online navigator, you need to press the button highlighted for plotting a route. It is located near the search bar on the right. On the top panel there are icons, which give an opportunity to determine how you can get to the intended location:
by car;
by bike;
on foot;
by public transportation;
by plane;
“recommended way”.

The last option allows you to determine which transport will be faster and more comfortable to get to your destination.

Algorithm of use

Suppose the user wants to draw a route of travel by car. The icon of this vehicle can be found in the appropriate tab. Next, the address of the point of departure is entered. Then it is necessary to find it on the map and put a marker. In the same way the destination point is set.

If there is a need, add an additional destination to the existing two. To do this, you can simply click on the buttons where the sign “plus” is shown. After that, it remains to specify a place or the exact address.

Thanks to Google navigator to lay the route online is quick and easy. Details about the characteristics of the movement are indicated both directly on the map and on the side of the panel. The information obtained will allow you to find out how long you will have to be on the road and through which streets to move. You will be able to find out if you will have to deal with toll roads or traffic jams.

It is convenient to use Google Maps, manually correcting the path of movement. To do this, you should mark a particular point on the route and drag it in the desired direction. After hovering the mouse over the corner points, information about what these marks are and where you need to turn to get to your destination will pop up.

There is a “Step by Step” link on the side. It provides more detailed information about all significant points along the route.
It also displays:
the distance between points;
the direction of travel.

Depending on the type of route and the transport used for the movement you can use a number of additional filters. For example, for a car it is possible to save, add or remove certain roads from the route. You can also stop your choice on certain units of measurement. Similar filters are much more for public transport. You can set the route for it, as well as for the car. Address lines are entered, and the arrival and departure points are marked in turn. After this you can get the appropriate result.

It is possible to create and calculate several options for travel by public transport. All of them are indicated by different colors on the map. On the side there are icons of the means of transport. In the general menu and on the map there are:
the time you have to spend on the road;
the numbers of streetcars and buses and shuttle buses;
the transfers, if necessary;
the areas that you have to walk.

Other options and features

Any of the suggested routes, as in the case of the car, can be viewed step by step. To be more specific, it can be done by stops. They are hidden by default. The first and last lines of the list of available routes contain information about the fare. But if transfers are provided, you can’t trust this chart 100%.

In addition to the standard view and general search for routes in public transport, you can use other parameters. This makes it possible to more accurately select the preferred variant of the trip. It is also possible to determine which means of transportation is optimal. Accordingly, it is possible to stop your choice on the train, bus, streetcar, train, subway.

Other types of transportation

Each of the options is characterized by almost the same additional parameters that were listed for public transport and motor vehicles. But there are still some peculiarities.

If you want to create a walking route, you can find the most convenient way or even a few on Google maps. Specified travel time, altitude at specific points and the distance between the individual areas. The route of movement can be viewed in more detail by steps.

When cycling, the route is laid out in the same way as in the case of the already discussed methods. When using Google Maps, you can see several routes at once or a single route with the total distance from origin to destination.

The road can be viewed step by step. Map functionality allows you to freely “walk” in the area. Animated objects are not yet available. You can roughly calculate the area of a certain area, for example, in Moscow or cities in Ukraine. The ruler allows you to measure the distance between settlements.

The route on the plane is laid by the similar algorithm. It is possible to take for analysis the information on the flight, the number of available flights and their duration, including transfers, the approximate cost of the ticket there and back. You can also specify the carrier. On the sidebar there is a Google airfare service, which allows you to find out any additional parameters. It’s not hard to plot a route. Google Maps on your PC is intuitive and simple. Exactly the same steps are performed on mobile devices.

Phone or tablet

The style of the mobile app for iOS and Android is almost the same and has no significant differences. There is no point in going into detail about how the route is built in the mobile version, because the algorithms are the same. But it is worth exploring the basic nuances of using the service.

To view the Google map, you need to launch the application available on the main screen. In the Android operating system, you can see a special “Go” button. In iOS, it is not signed in any way. Next, it is necessary to select a variant of movement and specify the initial point, as well as the point of arrival. It will take some time for the system to build a route. After that you only need to review the results and choose the best option, if several of them are highlighted.

In the panel below you can see the total running time and the distance between the main coordinates. There is a mode of viewing the basic information on the route, including the steps, when you can explore the places of turns, stops, etc. You can apply a similar route to any mode of transport of interest. There is also the construction of individual routes on them.

If it is necessary to build a route by public transport, select the appropriate subsections at the top of the application and indicate the interesting city you want to visit.

The application is able to automatically determine the location of the user and save it with special marks. But to make this possible, it is necessary to send him an official permission in advance. The mobile application is not yet available to make a route by plane or bicycle. It is possible that the developers will introduce a corresponding option in the near future.