10 Useful Mobile Apps for Drivers

A car gives its owner a sense of freedom and the ability to plan a trip independently. But sometimes it can be difficult for the driver to find help or know the way. Mobile spy applications can noticeably facilitate the journey and even save time and money. We have collected in one text the most useful programs and cell tracking apps for your smartphone that will help make a route, find gas station, overnight accommodation or technical assistance and warn of problems on the road.



If Google Maps won’t work, Maps.me app will. It is especially popular for traveling abroad in the absence of the Internet. However, detailed maps of the area must be downloaded in advance.



The application combines a navigator and a handy guide to various cities. Even if there is no Internet, you can still see where the must-see places are. The program contains general information: history, currency, language, phrasebook and the latest current events.


RoadAR Video Recorder

After installing Road AR smartphone not only records video of the trip, but also recognizes road signs, signs and speed limits. During operation, the application occupies a large amount of RAM. Therefore, it is considered a successful, but still a temporary alternative to the DVR.


HUD Anti-Radar.

Firstly, it is a digital speedometer with the function of reminding about exceeding the speed limit. Secondly, it is a radar detector that warns about traffic cameras. Secondly, it is a portable projection display. At nightfall, the smartphone with the application included can be put under the windshield, which, like a premium car, will display all the necessary information.



The application shows current prices at various gas stations. For a convenient search there is a filter with many parameters: type of fuel, brand, bonus program, etc. Through the application you can lay the best route and find a hotel.



The application is an aggregator of services for evacuation and technical assistance. The program selects a company that can solve the problem. Situations are different: from wheel replacement and “sober driver” to emergency opening and repair.
Within a minute, operators will find the nearest tow truck or suitable service station. Using the app, you can save money on technical assistance services. In addition, all work is insured and the cost is the same as the original.


First Aid

Not everyone knows how to give first aid properly. To make no mistake and help those in need, install a mobile app. It has tips that will be useful both in a minor ailment, and in a serious accident.


Road police fines

There are many services to pay traffic police fines, but we recommend using the official application on “Gosuslugi”. It allows you to quickly obtain information about traffic fines and pay them at a discount.



Travelling by car allows you to plan your own trip and not only follow tourist routes. Airbnb is used to rent properties all over the world. There are not just apartments and rooms, but also entire homes and luxury villas.
The service also offers a lot of information about local entertainment. The application can help find a good cafe and a knowledgeable guide. Users are attracted by the fact that you can live like a local and choose unusual excursions.


Yandex. Navigator

Perhaps the most comprehensive application for navigation. It works in several countries of the former Soviet Union and Turkey.
In the presence of the Internet, it is guided by the road situation and offers the best route, calculating the time and distance to the end point. It helps to find gas stations, stores and free parking lots, and also shows the speed of the car, warning about its exceeding. And the application is easy to control by voice – with the help of Alice, which can also play words or other intellectual games.

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